” you cannot postpone weddings in dark times – especially in dark times. ”   – maira kalman

the weeks leading up to kari & aaron’s were masked by darkness and smoke, literally.  montana was on fire, an inescapable haze, smoke in our faces & lungs for weeks. we didn’t see the sun for what seemed like forever and being outside was often near unbearable.  but with roots in Montana these Portland, Oregon creatives arrived back at Flathead Lake swooning in love, with bright eyes and contagious smiles, eager to celebrate regardless of the smoke.  and then the afternoon of their wedding day the absolutely unexpected happened:  the smoke lifted.  we could see the hills, the sun!   we couldn’t believe our eyes.

this marvelous couple, their joy & infectious love, their sweet spirits and the sky above,  completely captivated us.  their friends gathered in a cherry orchard on the lake (in the sunshine!)  to celebrate these sweet and soulful spirits, to share a meal & Montana wine and dance under twinkle lights.   we were sure to escape into & relish the golden glow of sunset with kari & aaron too.  here are glimpses of their beautiful wedding day.