Finley Point in Montana is a magnificent, tucked away spot along the eastside coast of Flathead Lake, a place you want to stay for a long while and memorize.  Jesse & Hannah chose this place because they both have stayed here, many summers growing up. They realized that as kids they’d spent summer vacations only a few houses apart from each other here on the Point, so it was the perfect location for their family & friends to re-gather and celebrate their wedding day at the lovely Diving Dog Vineyard.

Jesse & Hannah’s day began with a weather forecast of rain showers, which did finally arrive just before the start of their lakeside reception.  But with the rain came laughter and awe from the bride & groom, along with all their guests joyfully huddled under the porch awning and umbrellas.  And the moment the rain stopped the most glorious rainbow appeared over the lake, inviting everyone to pause and relish.  The guests grabbed towels, wiped down all the chairs & tables, and the celebration continued full fold while the evening sun glowed on their faces.  Jesse & Hannah, we are so grateful you invited us to be here, and to capture your love.